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Fudoin Temple


City: Hiroshima


Fudo-in Mae

Address: 3-4-9,UshitaShimmachi,Higashi-ku,Hiroshima,Hiroshima Prefacture

Phone: 082-221-6923

Website: http://www.megaegg.ne.jp/~fudouin/index.html


Fudoin is a significant temple in Hiroshima city as it was one of the few temples that survived the Atomic bomb blast. It is estimated to have been built around year 1540 in another location and later moved to this area. The famous brothers who built it used a rare architectural “Kaga” style, building the roof with very long wooden beams.

Fudoin is a temple based on the teaching of Fudomyo-o (a saint who is the symbol of determination), founded as one of the twelve temples by Saiko, a high monk, in Nishitani in 906. It is located in the southern part of the centre of the mountain, a convenient area to visit.

Here, you can enjoy your meals with a great view of our relaxing and beautiful garden, attend the morning devotional service and read and transcribe scriptures in a quiet environment, far away from traffic. This will be your “ultimate healing experience”, which only this historic temple can offer.

This temple is also know as the main temple for the Yamashinas (an Imperial family branch) and is called “Yamashina Betsuin”. Bifukumonin, the Emperess of Emperor Toba, was a devout follower of Kobodaishi and buried here at Fudoin, just as she wished in her will, in respect for her life-time contributions to the temple, such as donating Konshi-Kindei Amida-kyo and three Amida statues.

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