Goryokaku Park Hakodate, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Goryokaku Park


City: Hakodate



Address: 44 Goryokakucho, Hakodate, Hokkaido Prefecture

Phone: 0138-21-3456

Website: http://www.city.hakodate.hokkaido.jp/docs/2014011601161/


All the buildings mentioned are connected to one another: The Goryokaku Branch of Hakodate City Museum, Hokkaido department store Marui-Imai, Hakodate Museum of Art and Hakodate City Hokuyo Shiryokan (Northern Pacific Museum).

Cherry blossom trees (around 1600) and Japanese Wisteria (violet hanging flowers) bloom in Spring, full green trees can be seen in Summer and beautiful lighting illuminates the park in Winter. This place is a must visit if you ever come to Hokkaido and it can be enjoyed throughout the year!

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