Hasedera Temple Kamakura, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Hasedera Temple


City: Kamakura


Hase Station

Address: 3-11-2 Hase, Kamakura, Kanagawa 

Website: http://www.hasedera.jp/en/


Hasedera temple (長谷寺), also known as Hasekannon (長谷 観音) is one of the Pure Land Buddhism Temples in Kamakura. The temple originated in 736 when one of the Wooden Buddha statues drifted at Sagami beach. Hasedera also enshrines for Daikoku, one of the seven lucky gods of Japan. The temple is famous for the great garden and the beautiful Ajisai road, June would be the best time of the year to enjoy both temple and the flowers.

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