Josaien Kumamoto, Japan - Top Travel Destination


桜の馬場 城彩苑

City: Kumamoto


Car/Bus Only

Address: 1-1-3 Ninomaru Chūō-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken

Phone: 096-288-5600



“Josaien is located in Sakuranobaba, at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan’s three major castles. It is a popular tourist attraction designed to enhance the appeal of the old castle town and convey to visitors the food, history and cultural traditions of the region from Kumamoto Castle, a symbol of the city of Kumamoto.

First, drop by the Wakuwaku-Za (Waku-waku means exciting in Japanese) to experience the culture and history of Kumamoto with a variety of interactive exhibits. Then, visit the Sakuranokouji historical castle town area for some specialty foods from the Kumamoto region. Souvenirs can also be found here.

Come here to have a first-hand experience of the Edo Period in Kumamoto. “

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