Jozenji Temple street Sendai, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Jozenji Temple street


City: Sendai



Address: 2 Chome-15 Kokubuncho, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture


This street, one the main streets of Sendai named after Jozenji.

Jozenji Temple was built formerly as a praying temple by the order of Date Masamune in 1601 and became a symbol of Sendai after the First World War.

A festival called Soga no Kasayaki Matsuri (Umbrella Burning Festival) is held annually at this temple in late May.

Soga brothers, Juro and Goro took a revenge for their fathers in 1193 while burning the umbrellas to light their ways.

This is thought to be the story behind this festival, derived from the real event.

People burn umbrellas to commemorate the memories of and appease the souls of Soga brothers.

Have a walk around here and visit many shops and restaurant!

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