Miyako Island Miyakojima, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Miyako Island


City: Miyakojima


Car/Bus only

Address: Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture

Phone: 0980-73-1881

Website: http://www.miyako-guide.net/


Miyakojima is an island where sugar cane cultivation is the staple activity. The land is covered in shimmering white sand, turquoise waters.You will have a wonderful time at the greatest beaches not only by relaxing but by being more active! As for the marine activities, there are spots of diving and snorkeling in the beautiful coral reefs.

If you’d like to go out, you can enjoy a drive near the coast, visiting different capes and marshes. It’s best to visit here during Summer (between July to August). However, due to its immense popularity, it’s recommended to book anything and everything in advance just to ensure you get a chance to visit these hot spots!

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