Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Narita, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple


City: Narita



Address: 1 Narita, Chiba Prefecture



One of the largest temple grounds in Japan, the Naritasan temple has a history of more than a thousand years. It has attracted many believers over the years.

The temple is easily accessible from the station, with a row of shops (the Narita Omotesando) lining the 1 kilometer stretch to the temple. Here, you can try some traditional food as well as to grab some souvenirs along the way.

Located near the Narita International Airport, even visitors in transit can consider visiting the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple by to experience a touch of Japanese history. Do pop by if you have more than three hours to explore around the Narita Airport.

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