Rikugien Garden Tokyo, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Rikugien Garden


City: Tokyo


Komagome station
Sengoku station

Address: 6-16-3 Hon-komagome, Bunkyo-ku,

Website: http://teien.tokyo-park.or.jp/en/rikugien/index.html


Rikugi-en is an attractive landscaped park, located in Bunkyo district – one of the specialized areas of Tokyo, known as major educational centre with a rich history. The name comes from the combination of the garden two concepts – “Rikugi”, symbolizing the six kinds of medieval poetry waka, and “en” – a garden. The centrepiece of Rikugien Garden is the large pond. Two hills on a small island in the water represents the mythical, male and female deities of Shinto (Japanese religion) Izanagi and Izanami.

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