Shirakami Mountains Nakatsugaru, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Shirakami Mountains


City: Nakatsugaru


Car/Bus Only

Address: Kanda-61-1 Tashiro, Nishimeya, Nakatsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture

Phone: 0185-79-3001



Shirakami Sanchi, in other words Shirakami mountains is a World Heritage Site in Honshu, Japan.

Within the site, there are neither any roads or structures, it is just a refreshing beech forest.

Serows, goat antelopes, black bear as well as more than 80 different series of birds exist in Shirakami Sanchi.

Approximately 3000 people climb Mount Huatsumori and around 50,000 people go to see the Anmon Falls in the safe zone.

Enjoy the natural breeze of Shirakami Sanchi!

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