Toyota Commemorative Museum Nagoya, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Toyota Commemorative Museum


City: Nagoya



Address: 4-1-35,Noritakeshinmachi,Nishi-ku,Nagoya,Aichi Prefacture

Phone: 052-551-6115



Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (also known as Toyota Tecno Museum) was founded in a joint creation of the Toyota Group companies.

Established in June 1994 and housed in an old red-brick textile factory, the museum uses the location and buildings of a pilot factory built in 1911 by Sakichi Toyoda to research and develop automatic looms.

Toyota started as a textile firm and evolved over decades into an international automobile producer. Its display starts with textile looms and then gradually goes over into the history of cars. Also featured are high-tech robots.

In the lobby of the Toyota Commemorative Museum, the “Circular Loom” that symbolizes the museum’s core philosophy is displayed as a dynamic exhibit.

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