Tsuujunkyo Bridge Kamimashiki, Japan - Top Travel Destination

Tsuujunkyo Bridge


City: Kamimashiki


Car/Bus Only

Address: 184-1 Shimoichi, Yamato, Kamimashiki District, Kumamoto Prefecture

Phone: 0967-72-1158

Website: http://www.pref.kumamoto.jp.e.qp.hp.transer.com/kiji_7915.html


Tsujunkyo Bridge was constructed for the main purpose of conveying water in 1854.

This Japan’s largest channel is located in the Aso hills, Yamato-cho in Kumamoto Prefecture. This stone bridge is of length 75 meters and height 22 meters.

It lies comfortably with the beautiful rice paddies and is considered one of Japan’s cultural assets. The surrounding park area provides a good scenery as well.

Before visiting, it would be nice to check the schedule of water discharge from the Tsujunkyo Bridge!

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