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Koska Lokum Fruit Mix 250g


Sugar, starch, citric acid, spicery, food coloring

Price: ¥ 741


Product Intro

Turkish traditional sweets. It is said that Sultans of the Ottoman Empire loved this sweets. You can delight special Turkey taste of fruits and rose. Please enjoy the Turkish traditional sweets presenting yourself at the tea table of in the royal court.

Store Intro

●Mrs Istanbul
Tokyo International Airport Terminal 2 Passenger Terminal 3F in upper deck Tokyo, 3-4-2 Haneda Airport Ota-ku, Tokyo 〒144-0043
TEL03-5756-6183 Open 7:00~20:30

●Tugba Trading CO,.LTD
Saginomiya Palas 101, 5-24-23 Saginomiya Nakano-ku Tokyo 〒165-0032

●Online Halal Shop “Halal World”

●Online Shop”Torukokan”

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