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Roasted Almond milk 10


Almond, pH control chemicals、thickener (gallant)

Price: ¥ 770

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Product Intro

We use almond’s nutrition very effectively. We will contribute to beauty and health through providing roasted almond milk 10. It is well accepted by Japanese health conscious persons because we use roasted almond. ‘Natural, Good taste, Safety.’ We do not use any sugar, flavor and coloring. Roasted Almond milk 10 does not contain artificial additives and Vitamin E and dietary fiber is natural one.

Store Intro

TSUKUBA DAIRY PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. (factory-direct sales)
2232-1,Kamitamari,Omitama city,Ibaraki pref,JAPAN 〒311-3436
TEL 0299-26-3131

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