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Special Seasoning for Sushi FUKUMURASAKI


Mackerel, Amino acid from soy bean, Solt

Price: ¥ 540


Product Intro

FUKUMURASAKI is a new style seasoning for Japanese food. It’s a kind of Japanese soy sauce, but is the one and only Japanese soy sauce in which alcohol is not included. And it’s an additive-free, natural seasoning containing much UMAMI. You can use it for Sushi,Tenpura,Nabe,and all other Japanese food. It was boan on collaboration between MUROJI and Fukui Prefectural University.
100ml = 540 yen 125ml = 918 yen

Store Intro

MUROJI Co.,Ltd (The oldest Japanese Soy-Sauce Brewery in the world) Website:  Email Address: Contact in English:

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