10 Famous Halal Restaurants You Can Visit in Tokyo

No religion or race in today’s world is bound by borders, especially in the Facebook era nothing remains within one country’s borders and soon reaches out to other countries. People from all over the world have stormed to Japanese shores since it has opened its gate towards the fast pacing world in an attempt to catch pace with it. Resultantly many Muslim friendly reforms and establishments have taken root in the land of the rising Sun; Japan. It used to be hard to find halal food in Japan, halal meat to be a prospect very far from being real. Now even Haneda International Airport has many halal restaurants and food chains.

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We found out many people still find it hard to locate quality halal restaurants when they visit Tokyo so we came up with 10 most famous Halal restaurants in Tokyo in this blog. Some of these restaurants are Halal certified; some have a separate halal menu whereas some require reservations to specially cook a halal meal for you, in advance.

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1.     Malaychan

A halal certified restaurant, certified by Malaysian Government, Malaychan is a Chinese Malaysian restaurant in Ikebukuro.

Malaychan Japan

2.      Sumiyakiya

For the lovers of Yakiniku, this restaurant is heaven for Muslims in Roppongi, where halal meat is available for them to try as Yakiniku. You can make it yourself too on the tale top stove provided.

sumiyakiya japan

3.     Gyumon

Gyumon is another Yakiniku restaurant which is Halal certified and you can enjoy your choice of grilled meat without worrying. It is located in Shibuya.

Gyumon Japan

4.     Hanasakaji-San

A perfect spot for Muslims to try Japanese food with Halal meat. This restaurant in Shibuya is known for its Shabu-shabu.

Hanasakaji-San Muslims Hotel Japan

5.     Kappou Yama

Located in Saitama, this restaurant is halal certified. If you stop by make sure to try their bento, Yahitori and Ramen noodles.

Kappou Yama Japan

6.     Kappo Suruga

This Muslim friendly certified restaurant is located in Chiba and is known for its mesmerizing Japanese cuisine.

Kappo Suruga Japan

7.     Kusumoto

For a genuine taste of Washoku, visit this restaurant in Nishi azabu and don’t forget to try their bento. It is certified Muslim friendly by Nippon Asia Halal Association.

Kusumoto Japan

8.     Takaraya

Located very near to Narita airport in Chiba, this restaurant takes special measures to make Muslims feel at home with a gender specific prayer room and halal seasonings and separate utensils to prepare halal food.

Takaraya Japan

9.     Minokishi

Feel relaxed and enjoy a special halal gozen menu at this restaurant in Ikebukuro after a long day of sightseeing and shopping.

Minokishi Japan

10.     Mokushundo

This restaurant located in Hotel Chinzanso accommodates all foreign tourists’ special meal requirements from vegetarian to non alcoholic menus.

Mokushundo Japan