10 Halal Vegetarian Foods in Japan you can Order at any Restaurant

Although Japan has embraced the Muslim community with open arms as more and more of this increasing population floods the streets of Japan, traveling for the purpose of business, education or mere vacations and sightseeing. It has yet to introduce more and more restaurants that offer halal and alcohol and pork free food. Muslims strictly avoid eating pork and any meat which is not slaughtered the halal or Islamic way.

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If you look back a decade, a Muslim would have starved to death if it were not Japanese government’s initiatives to accommodate to their needs which is quite evident in Modern Japan as many halal food chains open and many restaurants get themselves halal certified from national bodies. But still there are some places where halal food is not available and Muslims have to rely on nature’s produce for the satisfaction of their gustatory. Japan has many savory solutions for that. Here are 10 vegetarian foods that are absolutely halal and can be ordered at almost any restaurant.


Mochi are dense rice cakes that are available in many flavors and colors, cooked with a variety of ingredients. This is a warm dish and ideal for winters. It is served either grilled or fried.

Mochi Japan


Nasu or Egg plant are either baked or grilled after being flavored with miso sauce. They are often served with vegetable tempura or simply boiled vegetables as a side. Often pumpkin and potato paste are also served along.

Nasu japan


Lotus, Mushrooms, Capsicum, Okra and many other fresh vegetables are skewered and fried in a tasty batter that make them crispy and served with various sauces.

Kushimono Japan


Often served as sides to a main course meal or kept near salad bar, Tsukemono are merely appetizer. They are various vegetables that are pickled in either sugar or vinegar.

Tsukemono Japan


Daikon is Japanese word for white radish. This plant is pickled, boiled shredded and sautéed. There are so many dishes even desserts that Japanese people enjoy made out of this plant.

Daikon Japan


Served in various types and color, served simply boiled as appetizer, or fried, or tossed with rice or even as part of dessert, Beans have a special place in Japanese cuisine.

Beans Japan

Nori Seaweed

Edible seaweed is yet another important ingredient in Japanese dishes. It is used as garnish on soups, desserts and often served as salad in combination with other herbs.

Nori Seaweed Japan


This protein rich bean curd is not only used in Japan but internationally in many dishes. It is also served individually either boiled or fried.

Tofu Japan


This dish is something between a salad and a main course meal. Root vegetables like lotus, carrots and radish are simmered and cooked in Soy sauce and mirin.

Kinpira Japan


One of the most used crops; Rice is part of every Japanese meal. Served as dessert (mochi), served boiled with fried tempura, rolled with vegetables as sushi or simply served with vegetable broth, rice tastes equally good in all dishes.

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sushi.rice japan