10 Japanese Souvenirs to take Back Home

When my father goes on his business trips to various cities around the world, I, being daddy’s girl, get most excited when he brings various souvenirs from those pl aces. I clearly remember he brought flavored marshmallows and jellies from Turkey and how can I forget the small gold plated Eifel Tower decorations that he brought for our sitting area and the rugs from Egypt and oh my God does the list ever end? If you talk about Japan, the list indeed has no full stop to it and this blog will just prove that to you.

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1.     Rice Bran Bag

Rice bran Bags are famous for their cute packing. They are soaked in water and used as soap. They exfoliate and moisturize the skin and are best for sensitive skins due to their chemical free contents.

Rice bran Bags Japan

2.     Komenuka Bijin

Komenuka Bijin line is famous for their rich products and for their anti aging effects and harmless for sensitive skin. It gives you a clear and smooth skin with rice bran and sake yeast extracts as moisturizers.

Komenuka Bijin Japan

3.     Azuki and Brown Sugar Soap

Azuki red bean powder is famous for its quality as the perfect face wash in Japan. The brown sugar and camellia oil in this soap ensure smooth and moisturized skin and has no chemical additives so is perfect for every type of skin.

Azuki and Brown Sugar Soap Japan

4.     Nihonshu no kesshousui

Sake is abundant in amino acids and is best for winter use since it moisturizes skin perfectly. The benefits of using sake products are not one but a multitude. This product line has sake as a major component and it will be a great gift to give to your aunt just before winters arrive.

Nihonshu no kesshousui Japan

5.     Hechima Cologne

Loofah water or hechima cologne is an anti inflammatory skin toner that reduces and rejuvenates sunburn or suntan and relaxes the skin. It is a very affordable skin conditioner, its birth dating back to a century now. Perfect for you to carry on a day out on the beach.

hechimacologne japan

6.     Camelia Oil

This oil is famous for being rich in antioxidants and oleic acid and is used as a moisturizer for both skin and hair. It also protects the body from UV rays and any damage they cause to your body. You can either buy it 100% concentrated or with a mix as you please. Highly recommended for American and Canadian tourists to take back home.

Camelia Oil Japan

7.    Boxwood Comb

This comb is best for your hair as it produces less static electricity and prevents hair breakage because of its wide and unbreakable teeth. You can dip it in Camellia oil and comb through your hair for beautiful results. It leaves your hair bouncy and luscious.

Boxwood Comb Japan

8.     Son Bahyu Cream

Horse oil is known to have good healing properties. It easily absorbs on human skin, moisturizes it and is anti inflammatory. It is widely used on cuts and hemorrhoids in Japan. You can either buy it 100% concentrated in the form of Son Bahyu cream easily in drug stores in Japan. It is best to use in winters.

Son Bahyu Cream Japan

9.     Bear oil

Having no strong odor, bear oil is the best remedy for dried or parched skin or any rough spots during winters or otherwise. It is excellent moisturizer for the skin as well as excellent for hair growth also. It is easily available on drug stores.  Some people also use it as make up base.


10.     Oil Blotting Paper

This is the need of every other woman with oily skin. This paper originated from Japanese paper that was made of natural fibers popularly used for gold leaf crafting. This paper absorbs excess oil on the skin and is easy to carry in your bags for use on a sunny day.

Oil Blotting Paper Japan