10 Packing Hacks for your Hiking trip in Japan

Did you notice all those cool videos on Facebook and Instagram where they show you how to smartly pack shirts and other useful travelling items in a mini suitcase? How cool! But sadly for those who go on hiking, there is not much help there. Hikers don’t carry suitcases and it’s wise to travel light and keep your brain and back both off heavy loads and stress. Many people travel to Japan just for the sake of its beautiful mountains and the scenic and alluring views atop them. Here are ten hacks to pack smartly for your hiking adventure on the Japanese peaks! Bon Voyage!

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1.     Pack small electronic items like digital camera, cellular phone, batteries, chargers, earphones etc in plastic storage boxes. These are readily available at any hardware shop or convenience store. These ensure these important gadgets do not come in contact with water.

Packing box

2.     Carry a bag of zip lock bags such as this. These are very helpful in storing food and other small items and can fit anywhere easily and waterproof.

Ziploc bags

3.     Keep baby wipes with you even if you don’t have a baby. They are easy to store and serve the purpose of wet scented face towel so you don’t essentially need water to freshen up your face. You can also use the to clean tent floor in the morning or cleaning bench.


4.     Buy waterproof knapsacks to carry on hiking. They are purposely built for hiking and have ample storage space and are good in case it rains and prevent your possessions to get wet.


5.     Take plastic garbage bags and use them as ponchos in case it rains. You can also use them as  umbrella and sit under when it rains.

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Garbage bags

6.     Carry frozen fruit salad and ready to eat meals that you just have to warm over fire. Do not even imagine carrying ingredients to cook on top. Ramen noodles are perfect hiking snack. Just boil the noodles and add seasoning and your warm meal is ready to eat.

Frozen Foods

7.     Use the small lotion and shampoo bottles provided by hotels to carry for showers and personal care since they require very less space. Once empty, do not trash them, they might be refilled and used again.

Lotion bottle

8.     Carry a pack of dish towels that are small in size and serve the purpose of face towels very well. They are soft and once used on face can be re-used for other cleaning purposes as well. One pack contains minimum 5.


9.     If you can’t survive without a proper bath towel, we would allow you just one soft towel which can be easily rolled and placed in your bag. Just like this picture.

Bath towel


10.     Whether cutlery or dishes, it is very unwise carrying heavyweight objects on a hike. It is better to carry disposable kitchenware which includes plates, cups and cutlery that can be disposed easily and do not have to be washed or carried all around.