10 Sushi Types that are Every Traveler’s Dream

Japan is a land where all meats are consumed. You name it and they will definitely have one dish or the other with that meat to accommodate your wish. Some people often synonymy Japan with Sushi Land or Sushi Heaven, for this is the place where this, now internationally favorite Japanese dish was first created.  A genuine sushi is one which once you put in your mouth, it slowly starts to unravel and the bags of distinct flavor start to pop open inside your mouth. Every bite a mesmerizing experience and a promise that each piece of sushi on the platter will be the same unless you ordered a combination. Here are some broadly classified Sushi types that you should definitely try.


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1.     Unagi


This Eel sushi is made of the fresh water eel whose texture is rubbery but not chewy or earthy. It is grilled and seasoned with teriyaki like sauce giving it a sweetish flavor along with soy sauce sesame seeds and sugar.

Unagi Youcojapan


2. Basashi


This horse meat sushi tastes just like any mutton or beef meat sushi but the horse meat is tender, lean, and contains more iron and less fat comparatively. Grated Ginger is the best garnish for it.


Horse meat sushi Japan


3. Tobiko


Served with raw quail egg cracked directly on its top, Tobiko sushi is made up of salty ovaries of flying fish that have a crisp texture and very distinct flavors. They are also served in Wasabi (green), Spicy hot (red), Squid ink (black) and Yuzu (yellow) ovaries too.


Tabico japan


4. Toro


Toro is made of Blue Fin tuna, a fish became extinct quickly due to its mouth melting quality and an excellent flavor made just for sushi.

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Toro shushi japan


5. Salmon Skin Roll


Salmon being a fish in high demand all over the world is used a lot in Sushi; its skin however is discarded. But in Japan this skin is baked and sometimes smoked and put on top of sushi rolls. It tastes just like salmon but crisper and the flavor of the pungent sea water it lived in. It’s a different experience altogether.


Salmon skin roll japan


6. Amaebi


Amaebi is the translucent tail of sweet shrimp served raw with salmon eggs or Tobiko.

Amaebi Japan


7. Shime Saba


Shime saba is sushi made out of Mackerel. The skin is shiny and silvery and the meat is pickle, very salty often tasting like vinegar and very oily. People either hate it or love it, there is no in between.


Shime Saba Japan


8. Yellowtail Amberjack


Hamachi or Yellowtail Japanese Amberjack has a savory taste due to its fat content which sometimes repels soy sauce. The meat should be heavy pink if it’s fresh and will taste like butter. That is how its freshness is judged.


Yellowtail amberjack japan


9. Tako


This sushi is made with Octopus tentacles. The meat is rubbery and chewy at the same time served warm with wasabi and handmade balls of rice.


Tako japan


10. Fugu Sashi


Probably one of the most lethal glamour food in the world, this sushi is made up of Puffer fish meat which contaims poisonous content in its liver and intestines that can paralyze a human being even if consumed a little bit. Chefs require a special license to prepare it. Although chances of poisoning are very low but people are nervous trying it for the first time. It has a smooth fishy texture with subtle flavors.




Fagu shashi japan