Weekly Fun Facts: 5 Crazy Things Only Found in Japan


Have you wondered how cool Japan is?! It’s so rich in culture and history, but Japan has a side that people usually don’t know or the side that locals don’t talk about much. Let us walk you down this road.


1. Late night dance off?! Sorry .. But no!

Late night dancing was illegal in Japan. Yes!! You read it right. For 67 years it has been the case, but has seen an update in its laws since June 2015.

Source: playbuzz.com


2. You love pets? Go to Japan!!!!

Japan has more pets than children!!! It’s the place for all pet lovers.

Source: pinimg.com


3. Vending very much!!

Japan has over 5 million vending machines.

Source: reutersmedia.net


4. Black cat? Have good day!

Yes! In Japan, black cat brings you good luck. Oh all black cats around the world, let us book your ticket to Japan.

Source: cats.org.uk


5. Fast Food is old school? Not in Japan!

In some parts, it’s a Christmas tradition to have a meal in fast food restaurants such as KFC. And if you are lucky, you might catch the Colonel dressed up according to the season. He seems to be enjoying the Japanese culture, don’t you think?