Weekly Fun Facts: 5 Fun ways to enjoy Sakura season!

Sakura season?! Here are 5 ways you can hold on to this season in a super fun way. Take out your tool!!

1. Cherry blossom cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies?! You can create oh-so-wonderful cookies and snack recipes from edible sakuras.  Not only easy to make, but delicious enough to get you the title of best pastry chef.

Source: www.sugardotcookies.com

2. Cheese cake much?

Have a sweet tooth? Well Sakuras are your friend who will calm your sweet tooth down with the most amazing looking and mouth watering cheese cakes. Go for a strawberry and sakura cheese, this delicate beauty will blow your mind.

Source: www.star-kitchen.jp



3. Cherry blossom paintings

Hey! Wanna to capture the essence of sakura season forever?! Make a painting!

Extract sakura color and create paintings and add petals to create beautiful art pieces.

Source: www.lmt-lss.com


4. Interior designing Sakura

Are you into interior designing?! Check out this beautiful centre pieces or lamps using sakura, little candles and some glue. Do you think you are up to this challenge?

Source: pinimg.com


5. Everlasting spring!

Store the beauty of sakura in a gel candle. Use sakura petals, color and scent to make a gel candle. You can have the fragrance of Sakura season throughout the year.


Source: www.alicdn.com