5 Spots in Osaka just made for the Shopaholics!

Style, adornment, makeup, fashion and the sky, all have no limit. We’re presenting some of Osaka’s trendiest shopping spots that we prescribe for you! For the extravagance oriented, we prescribe the retail departmental stores however in Osaka there are numerous chic and trendy clothe and jewelry stores where you can shop at a reasonable cost so make certain to check them!


HEP Five

Only a brisk walk from Umeda station is the shopping building “HEP FIVE” with its trademark red ferris wheel situated on the housetop. That red Ferris wheel is additionally a landmark for Osaka’s Umeda Station and highly suggested is the perspective of Osaka city that you can see from that point with one glance of your eye. The building has more than 150 fashion shops. It’s a well known spot for design conscious and trendy youngsters, couples and taking the family along.





Design, frill, packs, shoes, accessories, beauty care products and much much more. For people who fancy fashion and cute outfits, this shopping mall is just too good to ignore. It’s found near the HEP FIVE building with its landmark red Ferris wheel. In the area nearby, there are huge amounts of popular bistros, bars, bread shops and different eateries.

EST Shopping center - youcojapan



Herbis Plaza

Located a short walk from the west ticket door at Hanshin Umeda station, this shopping center has a brilliant ambiance and stocks every single renowned brand. From famous foreign brands like Gucci to Tiffany’s, normally these brand shops have numerous Japan delivered things. They have also prepared the famous “Shiki Theater Company” for the Japanese form of Disney’s “The Lion King” musical. In the range is the Hilton Hotel, the Ritz Carlton Hotel and other top of the line lodgings.

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Suji Shopping District

A shopping road with an arcade joined. Brand shops, bag shops, suit shops, miscellaneous accessories, day by day necessities, 100 yen shops, beauty care products, eateries, karaoke places, bistros, trinket shops and so on. With the quantity of stores and the quantity of individuals you’re certain to lose your way in the city! Be that as it may, even simply glancing around is suggested as its pretty fun. Men and ladies of all ages can appreciate shopping in Japan.

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Namba Walk

When you get off at Namba station, you are certain to notice this underground shopping and gourmet locale known as Namba Walk. There are roughly 230 stores in this underground shopping center. Different products stores, boutiques, eateries and the sky is the limit from there. If you are touring in the Namba and Shinsaibashi neighborhood, you can utilize this underground shopping area to move immediately between destinations.

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