7 Cheesy Cheesecakes You Can’t Miss in Japan

The modest cheesecake has been around since the time of old Greece and there are various styles in numerous nations around the world. Obviously, the “rare” or uncooked assortment with its trademark crumb base and smooth velvety filling is generally as well known in Japan, whilst heated Japanese cheesecake has caught the creative energy, and taste buds, of home pastry specialists around the globe. Not at all like New York baked cheesecake, with its thick, substantial composition and high sugar substance, baked Japanese cheesecake is more similar to a soufflé or chiffon cake with a light, feathery surface that is considerably less sweet. For all intents and purposes each bistro and pastry kitchen in Japan serves some sort of cheesecake, and numerous have practical experience in this heavenly workmanship.


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Uncle Tetsu’s

Uncle Tetsu shops were established in 1990, and their simple, feathery and velvety cheesecake becomes the favorite with any individual who tries it. With only two shops in Fukuoka, discovering Uncle Tetsu items in different areas in Japan is far-fetched, yet the brand now has more than 70 outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Canada.


Uncle Tetsu shops Japan


Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Tokyo Milk cheese factory has 8 outlets near Haneda Airport. Their Milk Cheesecake is an elegant design made with French and Hokkaido cheeses, Hokkaido cream and milk.


Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Japan


Pablo’s Cheese Cake

A famous chain of stores in Osaka, now with branches in Tokyo’s Shibuya and Shinjuku areas, PABLO offers an extensive variety of rare and baked in crust cheesecakes that incorporate plain, twofold chocolate, twofold berry, green tea and adzuki bean, cinnamon and apple, and chocolate and banana. They likewise offer a wide assortment of different desserts made with cheddar and amuse their clients with a grin and a dance!


Pablo’s Cheese Cake japan


Rikuro’s Cheesecake

For guests to Osaka, Rikuro Ojisan or Rikuro’s may well be justified regardless of a visit. Their cheesecakes are altogether different to PABLO’s, more like Uncle Tetsu.


Rikuro’s Cheesecake Japan


Johann’s Cheesecake

Established in 1978, Johann is a well known pastry kitchen that spends significant time in preparing customary cheesecake in four unmistakable flavors: natural, smooth, blueberry, mellow and sour soft. Their bread shop store is situated in Kamimeguro, Tokyo, and their items are likewise sold through chosen retail establishments.


Johann’s Cheesecake Japan


Shirotae’s Cheesecake

Shirotae is a bistro eatery close to Akasaka-Mitsuke station in Tokyo. One of their bread kitchen specialties is a delicate and fluffy cheesecake made with cream cheddar imported from Denmark.


Shirotae’s Cheesecake Japan


Food Halls

The bigger retail establishments in Japan commonly have a food hall in basement levels, and additionally a general store. In these, you will more often than not, locate a wide assortment of independent sellers, including numerous famous bakeries. It is more than likely that any Japanese cheesecakes, or for sure any desserts, you find will definitely be of high caliber.


Food Halls Japan