7 Festivities in Hokkaido that you will Regret Missing

Some people call it the land of rising sun while some call it the land of distinct flavors, colors or seasons but we know it commonly as Japan. It is a fact very obvious that Japan adorns its rich history, culture and traditions with pride. There is no season no month when Japan is not celebrating one thing or the other. May it be winter, summer spring or fall, Japan is one stubborn nation to give away its celebration, they believe that nature and God should be thanked for whatever he grants on them whatever the season or time maybe. For this reason, tourists are often seen visiting Japan throughout the year unlike other countries that are usually hit by tourist activity in selected seasons. Plan your trip whenever you want and you will definitely be a part of one festival or the other unless you want to attend a specific festival. Here are 7 famous festivities in Hokkaido, Japan that are surely worth a visit.

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1.     Sapporo Snow Festival

This festival is celebrated in the beginning of February in Sapporo City. The Odori Park is decorated with ice sculptures of all sizes. From small to as high as 10 m tall!

Sapporo Snow Festival Japan

2.     Yosakoi Soran Festival

This is probably the biggest summer festival in Japan and the best I would say throughout the world. It is celebrated in June with agile young and old all dressed in Yukatas and Happi coats perform a lively dance parade on the streets.

Yosakoi Soran Festival Japan

3.     Kotohira Shrine Festival

This is a colorful festival celebrate on 9th August in Kotohira Shrine where a colorful parade leads a portable shrine called “Mikoshi” throughout the city. The portable shrine is very elegant and beautifully adorned.

Kotohira Shrine Festival Japan

4.     Yakumo Andon Festival

Being on of the 3 biggest andon festivals, Yakumo Andon is celebrated in Yakumo in which young and children wear colorful dresses and there are numerous beautiful floats throughout the city.

Yakumo Andon Festival Japan

5.     Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

This serene festival is held in Otaru where in winters the city roads and streets are lit up with beautiful snow sculptures at night. Don’t forget your camera. The atmosphere is very romantic.

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival Japan

6.     Kachimai Firework Festival

Held in mid of August, this festival is one of its kind. 20,000 colorful shots go up in the sky and form beautiful views on the night sky. People start crowding the area in advance and wait for the fireworks to start.

Kachimai Firework Festival Japan

7.     Nemuro Sanma Festival

This festival is celebrated to worship the fish Sanma or Mackerel Pike. This festival is entirely for fish lovers, held in Nemuro, the town that brings the biggest catch of this fish and supplies to whole of Japan. There is so much abundance of this fish during the festival that some people just give it to tourists free of cost. It can be cooked or raw but considered a gesture of happiness and kindness towards the people.

Nemuro Sanma Festival Japan