7 Reasons Yakushima should be on your “Must Visit” list!

Yakushima is a subtropical island off the southern shoreline of Kyushu and a portion of Kagoshima Prefecture. It is secured by a broad cedar forest that contains some of Japan’s most old living trees. Today the woods have all around recouped from past logging and are a national park, while a few zones were proclaimed a Natural World Heritage Site in 1993. Most vacationers go to the island to trek through the woods and see the antiquated cedar trees. As a subtropical island with about 2000 meter of high mountains, Yakushima draws in a considerable measure of rainfall around the year, with the locals claiming that it pours “35 days a month”.

We found out Yakushima to be a perfect vacation spot. On the island you are surrounded by nature and everything from the air to the water is clean and pure with the lush green jungles and clear blue water soothing your eyes. Here are 7 reasons why you should definitely not miss this great island.




1It has the world’s most seasoned trees. Yakushima is secured with primitive rainforest – that implies that a lot of its woodland has not been chopped down, replanted, or messed about with in any way since the beginning of time. The island is acclaimed for its cryptomeria – or Japanese cedar – trees, a large portion of which are more than 1,000 years of age.

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2You can see baby turtles hatch on the shoreline! Between mid-May and the end of July, Yakushima’s shorelines get to be settling reason for the North Pacific’s extinct loggerhead turtles. Ahead of schedule in the season, you can see as the moms come aground, lay their eggs, and then properly cover them before heading over into the water. Later in the late spring, child turtles start to incubate and slither down the shoreline to the waves.

see baby turtles

source : www.worldwildlife.org



3The trekking is unfathomable with some really mind boggling climbing opportunities, and some brilliantly lovely perspectives.

yakushima trekking

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4There are a larger number of monkeys and deers.  To the Japanese they’re nuisances, yet to travelers seeing monkeys and deer walking shamelessly through forests and road alike never gets exhausting.

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5 There are onsens on the beach. Head to Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen in the south of the island and you’ll have the one of a kind opportunity to dip in  a hot spring on the beach. In any case, ensure you check the tide times, as the onsen is submerged for a segment of the day!

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6Yakushima is remarkable for its vegetation, yet its waterfalls offer another sensational highlight for guests. Some, similar to the Oko Waterfall or Senpiro Waterfall, are effortlessly available via car. Others similar to the Janokuchi Waterfall, make astounding hiking destinations. Toroki Waterfall, which is the main waterfall in Japan to fall into the ocean, is additionally available by a riverboat.

Yakushima waterfalls




7The diving is sublime. Yakushima is additionally an awesome spot to squeeze in a spot of jumping. In Yakushima expect coral, turtles, and an extensive variety of marine life.

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