7 tips to survive the Fukubukuro Shopping Frenzy!

Fukubukuro Season in Japan is essentially what might as well be called Black Friday in the United States. Beginning from the day after New Years and typically enduring until January 5, stores attempt to dispose of items left over from the earlier year, by bundling them into sacks called fukubukuro and offering them at incredibly marked down costs. As a rule, the fukubukuro is fixed to keep you from glimpsing inside, essentially making it a secret shopping occasion; be that as it may, as of late a few stores with an end goal to draw more clients have left from the amazement perspective and now post pamphlets demonstrating what’s inside. That way, the clients don’t feel like they got a crude arrangement. Interestingly, it is by all accounts working for the stores as fukubukuro are still as well known as ever.


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Individuals hope to get no less than an obligatory 30–50% discount, however now and again the rebate is much higher. Contingent upon your tastes what can be found inside a pack runs the array: garments for men, ladies or youngsters, brandishing merchandise, beauty care products, gems, and food are all well known things. But even at intensely marked down costs you get what you pay for.


Fukubukuro Shopping - youcojapan

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7 Tips for Buying a Japanese Fukubukuro


  1. Try not to open the pack! At the point when a fukubukuro doesn’t list what’s inside, it might entice to take even the smallest gaze. Do not look inside or open the bag.


  1. Consider valuing. Each fukubukuro more often than not has no less than five things inside with no less than one prize thing, or what makes the pack such an awesome arrangement. The more costly the fukubukuro you purchase, the higher the chance that you will get more than one costly thing.


  1. For snacks, go to Ginza. While Ginza makes for an extraordinary shopping spree regardless of what sort of fukubukuro you’re hoping to purchase, the elegant Tokyo area is the best area to get your hands on top of the line okashi.


  1. High spending plan = Brand-name garments. On the off chance that you have to look for matching suits, this is the season of year you can purchase shoddy clothing from Hugo Boss, Armani and the preferences at profound marked down costs going from 10,000–50,000 yen a sack.


  1. Look for measuring. Dress sizes tend to run a size littler than what numerous Western nations offer so it is imperative to focus since you can’t do returns. In the event that you don’t realize what size you are in Japanese apparel, take a stab at including one size up (e.g., little gets to be medium, huge turns out to be additional vast).


  1. Go early. Fukubukuro truly is a major occasion in Japan and once individuals realize what’s inside the packs they offer out rapidly. In the event that you have a unique brand or item personality a primary concern, and you know where you can get the fortunate pack, don’t linger.


  1. Check out the store. This occasion as a rule incorporates profound rebate deals between 30–70% on different things around the stores so in the event that you like something, you can easily decide what other discounts you can avail.