Weekly Fun Facts: 8 Facts About Sushi and Sashimi

 1. The knives of Sushi chefs must be re-sharpened every day especially before making Sashimi – raw, thinly sliced fish.

Source: The Epicurean Edge

2. Itamae or a Sushi chef takes training for 10 years before serving Japanese food in a restaurant.


3. To help in good digestion, always have miso soup at the beginning of a meal.


4. Sashimi is served as an appetizer before eating sushi.


5. Sushi masters have a belief that you don’t just eat with your mouth, but also with your eyes. This is the reason every Sushi is served in a mouth-watering display.


6. The first International Sushi Day was celebrated in 18 June 2009.


7. Sashimi is not always in a form of fish; it can also be raw beef, chicken or slightly cooked octopus.

torisashi-raw-chicken-sashimi-okayamaSource: Revtravel.com

8. 80% of all the bluefin tuna caught in the world is used for Sushi and Sashimi.

Source: Wikipedia