8 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Japan

So you’ve finally decided to visit the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’; Japan? A wise choice indeed! Some say that visiting Japan is like visiting Myanmar, New York, Orlando, China and London at the same time. I am sure the list of countries goes on. Japan gives you the taste of every country while you stay in one country. It has temples like Myanmar, theme park like Orlando, China town, Tokyo mimicking mini New York. What more does one expect? You pay for one country, and experience others too along with the distinct Japanese culture that has managed to stay uniquely unharmed from other cultural influences. Although there are numerous places but here is a list of top 8 most famous tourist attractions.

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial

The only thing left intact after the August 6, 1945 Atomic Bomb attack on Hiroshima, the Genbaku Dome is a memory for the precious lives lost on that terrible day. There is a beautiful park created around this site, as a tribute to the ones lost that day and also reminds of the importance of precious human lives.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Japan


JigoKudani Monkey Park

A hot spring area near Nagano, this place is definitely Nature’s miracle. Hot bubbling water streams out of icy cold ground. Wild snow monkeys are very abundant here in this valley like area surrounded by steep cliffs and cold forests.

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JigoKudani Monkey Park Japan



Standing erect since 798, The Kiyomizu-Dera temple in Eastern Kyoto is a beauty. Tourists enjoy the view of an indoor waterfall and the beautiful historic paintings and artwork on display in this Buddhist temple.

Kiyomizu-dera Japan


Great Buddha of Kamakura

Made of bronze, this outdoor statue of Amida Buddha stands over 13 meters in height and weighs 93 tons nearly. This is the biggest Buddha statues in Japan and is most famous. The original wooden temple holding this statue was washed away in a tsunami in the 15th century and to this day this statue stands outdoors unharmed and a site of a lot of tourist activity.

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Great Buddha of Kamakura Japan


Mount Fuji

This is one of the highest mountains in Japan almost 13 feet in height. The volcanoe has a symmetrical cone and is often featured in movies and pictures. In winter the peak is covered with heavy snow and all around the year Mount Fuji gives alluring picturesque views. You can hike the mountain in nearly 3-8 hours depending on your stamina.

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Mount Fuji Japan


Tokyo Tower

One of the second tallest man-made structures in Japan, Tokyo tower reminds one of Paris Eifel Tower. It has an observatory deck on top and tourists can take a breathtaking view of Tokyo city. It also has shops and restaurants for tourists. The view is best at night and the tower can be clearly seen standing under orange lights.

Tokyo Tower Japan


Tokyo Imperial Palace

The house of Japanese emperor, Tokyo Imperial palace takes you back to the royal era. It functions as a museum as well as administration office for Japanese Art and history. The palace was built on ruins of other castles and fancies many ball rooms and guest areas where you can hold functions. The museum is open to public.

Tokyo Imperial Palace