9 Reasons Why Japan is Awesome

I guess all your travel fatigue after your summer vacation must have settle down by now and you must be fresh enough to start planning your next vacations. I am sure you must have started doing your research. If you have, I have caught your attention at the very best time. Do you know Japan is attracting billions of tourists each year because of its scenic beaches, mountains and the historic shrines and temples in this Holy land? Not only this, there is much more to Japan then these tourists attractions. Intrigued? Read ahead to find out 9 reasons that make Japan awesome.

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1. Vending Machines are everywhere your eyes go in Japan. Ironically speaking there are more vending machines in Japan than Japanese people. It is good for travelers if they feel thirsty or hungry and need snacks. Some vending machines also offer cooked food.

Vending Machines Japan

2. Named Hikari-Fibre after a bullet train service, the internet speeds in Japan beat that of any other country.

Net cafe booths Japan

3. A sport 2000 years old, Sumo Wrestling attracts as many foreigners as one can imagine. The grandeur of this fight is very evident as Sumos fight and the crowd cheers after them. It is very intriguing to see how these clumsy warriors make it through a fight.

Sumo Wrestling Japan

4. Capsule hotels are fast gaining preference and popularity among people travelling on a budget. They are cheap and affordable but do not go for very cheap ones, the service is not very good. As the trend evolves, many designer capsule hotels have also been established which fancy internet and other amenities too.

Capsule hotel japan

5. Onsen is one of the most eminent features of Japanese culture. It is a hot stream of water enriched in minerals and it is very relaxing taking a soak in these. Natural onsens are much better but some artificial onsens are also worth a try where minerals are added to the water. They are sure to release stress.

Onsen Japan

6. Japan prides itself in being a pioneer in creating bullet trains. Travelling is so much easier, cheaper and faster. Specially with the introduction of E6 Hayabusa train in 2013, you can go anywhere with a blink of an eye.

Bullet trains Japan

7. The food in Japan is very cheap. You can either buy food from vending machines that can be microwaved for less than 300 yen. There are many all you can eat deals to fill your tummy to its fullest. Street vendors are also a good and hygienic option apart from the Depachika.

Japan food

8. Resembling a pizza and sometimes related to the taco clan, Okonomiyaki is a pan cake topped with ingredients and sauces if your choice. You can choose to add whatever you want; sea food, meat, vegetables etc. Osaka and Hiroshima are famous for this dish.

Okonomiyaki Japan

9. You will find all sorts of Sushi here since this is where Sushi was born. Japan has the most variety of Sushi and the fillings. Vegetarian, Sea food, meat or even sweet filled sushi, you will find one to all here and even experiment with newer flavors and innovations in the sushi family.

Sushi Japan