A Hiker in the Japanese Mountains

Albeit better known for its conventional society and innovatively propelled urban communities, Japan is  a nation of mountains. More than seventy percent of the volcanic archipelago is secured by towering volcanic peaks and snow topped mountains; and these mountains, which have generally held imperative religious and social centrality, give completely a safe house for hiking fans.

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Normally Japan has added to an energetic trekking society to oblige its topography. Whether you are looking for long, multi-day treks through the national parks or simple daytrips from the city, Japan offers bottomless trekking opportunities through a differing set of atmospheres and difficulty levels. Here are few of the multiple hiking destinations in Japan.



Mount Takao

Mount Takao is one of the nearest regular entertainment zones to central Tokyo, offering lovely landscape, an intriguing temple and appealing climbing opportunities. A system of numbered trekking trails lead up the slopes of Takaosan. The greater part of hikers use trail number 1, which is expansive, for the most part cleared and passes the greater part of the real locales as it winds its way to the highest point of the 599 meter high summit. Close to the cable car’s station, there is a observation deck from where you can get a picturesque perspective of Tokyo, while the summit offers perspectives of Mount Fuji on crisp mornings.

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Mount Mitake

Mount Mitake is one of the numerous highlights of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, which covers more than 1250 square kilometers of forested mountains, slopes, gorges and some provincial towns. Other than a temple, Mount Mitake offers different strolling and climbing opportunities in a pristine nature. Situated in the Okutama district, the westernmost piece of Tokyo, the mountain can be climbed in under two hours from central Tokyo, and well known among individuals searching for a break from the city. On your way, you will pass a little town with numerous Japanese style hotels and gift shops, which have been obliging guests and travelers to Mount Mitake for quite a long time.

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Mount Fuji

Climbing Mount Fuji (3776 meters), Japan’s most astounding and most unmistakable mountain, can gain for long lasting experiences. The mountain itself may look more appealing from a remote place than from close up, however the perspectives on crisp mornings and the experience of moving through the early morning hours among many just as minded explorers from over the world are extremely rewarding. Mount Fuji is partitioned into ten stations with the first station at the foot of the mountain and the tenth station being the summit. Paved ways go to the fifth station most of the way up the mountain. The Yoshida Trail is lined by more than twelve mountain cabins between the seventh and eighth stations. Different trails have less mountain cabins. These cabins offer accommodation, resting places, washrooms and food at a small fees to tourists. You can also find basic hiking gear and oxygen tanks in these huts at a small fees as well.

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