A Joyride through Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland is a major amusement park situated in the Fuji Five Lakes district at the foot of Mount Fuji. One of Japan’s most famous amusement parks, Fuji-Q Highland is best known for its exciting, record holding thrill roller coasters and elaborate, anime themed rides and attractions. The recreation center endeavors to be at the front line of amusement park excitement, and has been continually opening new rides and attractions, including Guinness World Record breaking crazy rides.


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Right now, the recreation center has four major exciting rides. Fujiyama, the recreation center’s centerpiece attraction, was the world’s tallest and quickest crazy ride when it opened in 1996, and it keeps on being ranked among the best liners on the planet. Dodonpa (2001) is as of now the parks speediest coaster and the world record holder for fastest ride. Eejanaika (2006), a “fourth dimension” exciting ride with seats turning inside of the car, has the most reversals of any crazy ride. At last, Takabisha, manufactured in 2011, is the steepest exciting ride on the planet, dropping at a point of 121 degrees.


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The recreation center additionally has a few huge scale excitement attractions, a hefty portion of which depend on mainstream anime arrangement. Gundam Crisis and Evangelion World are immersive presentations of their individual robot suit themed anime and incorporate life-sized models of the robots and characters. There are additionally three labyrinth attractions: the Ultimate Horror Labyrinth (otherwise known as Haunted Hotel), one of the world’s biggest and scariest frequented attractions; Ultimate Fort, a jail departure themed riddle labyrinth; and Kassen Sengoku Basara, a warring states period themed fascination.


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The recreation center further offers a large group of amusement park usuals, for example, tea pot, frisbee, log slide, pirate ship and drop tower sort rides alongside customary rides, for example, a ferris wheel, merry go round and sky swings. Regular attractions, for example, an ice skating arena, are likewise accessible. Cafes, rest areas, gift shops and game stalls are spread out around the recreation center. There are additionally various anime based children attractions, for example, the Ge no Kitaro haunted house, Hamutaro rides (including a children’s rollercoaster ride, pirate boat and maze), Kaiketsu Zorori Land, and the Loony Toons themed Cartoon Lagoon.


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Simply outside the theme park, stands the Highland Resort Hotel and Spa, an associated hotel that offers pleasant perspectives of Mount Fuji and simple access to Fuji-Q Highland and its encompassing attractions. The Fujiyama Museum is an art museum showing a wide assortment of artworks and different illustrations of Mount Fuji. The gallery is situated on the Fuji-Q Highland park grounds and is allowed to enter for park participants that have boundless ride tickets. The individuals who just wish to visit the exhibition hall and not the entertainment area can enter by means of the Highland Resort Hotel and Spa outside of the recreation center grounds. Adjacent the recreation center is the Fujiyama Onsen, a modern hot spring facility by the Fuji-Q Highland Resort. The Onsen highlights pleasant, generally styled wooden showers and offers both indoor and outside showers separately for both genders.