Cheap Shops in Osaka for the Money Savvy

Who wants to spend a fortune on branded accessories and house ware when you can get similar products at cheaper rate? If you are on-board with my idea, book your tickets to Osaka as soon as possible for what you are going to read further will surely send your wife wanting to visit Osaka as your wedding anniversary present to her. Here are 10 shops where you can bag so much costing just under 500 yen.

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Natural Kitchen

Newlyweds! Pay attention please! If you are looking forward to setting up your home or shifting to a new home, Natural kitchen is where you can find kitchen ware for as low as 100 yen or slightly more. Their motto is to give customers a feel of beautiful and comfortable cooking and eating experience in the kitchen.

Natural Kitchen - YoucojapanWatts

Watts, previously “meets” and “silk”, is a 100 yen shop chain in Osaka where you can find everything pertaining to your household. They also stock DIY items and furniture and seasonal products at discounted rates too.

Watts - YoucojapanRealize

Another 100 yen shop chain but here the quality of goods and household items is guaranteed. Prices range from 100 to 500 yen and locals claim, you get your money’s worth. Fashion accessories and decorations are also part of their offering.

100 yen shop - youcojapan

3 Coins

3 coins is a chic more of a fashion outlet type of store with affordable prices starting from 300 yen to 1000 yen for bigger items like furniture. You will mostly find young girls shopping about here because of the beautiful colors, designs and prices of the fashionable outfits and accessories sold here.

3coins - youcojapan

Cou Cou

Often called the “cute” store, Cou Cou has its reputation as a 300 yen store chain offering everything from accessories, household items, kitchen ware, fashion items and table ware to trendy decorative items and daily use goods. The one theme all goods follow is being “cute”.

cocou - Youcojapan


A 300 yen affordable boutique, Lattice is every girl’s dream of a world where nothing, even her wallet can stop her from buying trendy outfits and accessories. Find everything from hats, bags, hair extensions, jewelry, dresses and whatnot from 300 yen and onwards. It is a famous tourist stop for purchasing trendy Japanese outfits during their trip.

lattice - Youcojapan


Asoko is like shopping heaven if you are travelling on budget. It’s a mini shopping district with thousands of items all ranging between 100-500 yen. It is guaranteed you will not leave this shop without buying one thing or the other. They offer everything from fashionable outfits, bags, jewelry to electronics and small house ware items.

asoko - Youcojapan


Tiger Copenhagen

Originally a 10 krone shop from Denmark, Tiger Copenhagen is a low priced store where prices range from 100-500 yen. If you want to decorate your house with small items and you are on a budget, this place is a must go. You will find house furnishings, table wares and other household accessories at very cheap rates here.

tiger - youcojapan