CITY GUIDE: Fujisawa City (藤沢市)


Fujisawa (藤沢市) is a small city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is the central part of Kanagawa Prefecture which faces Sagami Bay of the Pacific Ocean. It also faces Shonan Beach which is the biggest tourist attraction. Almost 13 million people visit Fujisawa a year. It’s been given the title of “Miami Beach of the East. It is THE place for marine sport lovers.

Shinto Shrine is another tourist spot for all the history lovers.  It means the place of the gods. Shinto shrines most important building is used for safekeeping the sacred and holy objects. These ornaments are not used for worshipping.

The Fujisawa Station connects places like Kamakura and Enoshima to main station like Shinjuku. As such, you might find yourself taking a train towards Fujisawa to get to the other tourist destinations.

Fujisawa has so many tourist spots other than the beach. Enoshima is one the most famous tourist spots for sightseeing. It was the Olympic harbor for the 1964 Summer Olympics. Enoshima will also be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics sailings.

If you are interested in soaking your feet in the sea but want to do more than just hanging out at the beach, do consider visiting Fujisawa. You can also search for some One-Day Free Pass to Kamakura for a better bargain!




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