CITY GUIDE: Kagoshima City (鹿児島市)


Kagoshima City (鹿児島市) is the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture of the island in Kyushu in Japan. It is the largest city of Kagoshima Prefecture. For its bay location, hot climates and notable stratovolvano, it’s been given the title of the “Naples of the Eastern world”.

Kagoshima was founded on April 1, 1889. It has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers but relatively cool yet dry winters.

Kagoshima Aquarium is situated along the water side of Kagoshima Port beside the Sakurajima ferry terminal. It has 7 floors and was opened in 1997. The most amazing thing about this aquarium is its huge “Kuroshio Tank” that holds fishes of all sizes. It has a variety of sea-life like sea otters, giant crabs, electric eels and mangroves. There is a separate Dolphin pool and it hosts three dolphin shows per day.

Sakurajima is a must-visit if you have never seen an active volcano upclose. Yunohira Observatory is the closest you could get to the vent of Sakurajima. With no entrance fee, one can learn more about this active volcano. One thing to note, the volcano actively spews ashes and small rocks on a daily basis. In order to protect your clothes, consider wearing a hat and bring a hankerchief or an umbrella.

Kagoshima is place for water lovers, art enthusiast and foodies.



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