CITY GUIDE: Kamakura City (鎌倉)


Japan is a country that has a rich history and beautiful tourist spots. Kamakura is one of the most loved travel destinations. It is a city in Kanagawa Prefecture just an hour away from Tokyo.

Kamakura is a city surrounded by hills, open water and forests. It has a beach and beautiful temples and since it’s close to Tokyo, it has always been a great attraction for the locals as well as tourists.

According to old history logs, Kamakura is mentioned as the capital of Japan and was once the political center of Japan. Minamoto Yoritomo selected Kamakura as seat for his government in 1192. The government tenure lasted over a century.

Kamakura is a “must-visit” for tourists. Here, you can find interesting temples, shrines, and historical monuments . The sandy beaches of Kamakura adds a relaxing touch to the experience. As the Kamakura beaches tend to be heavily crowded in summer, do try to avoid planning a trip here especially during the summer weekends.



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