CITY GUIDE: Kawagoe City (川越市)


Kawagoe (川越市) is a city in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Kawagoe is about 30 minute train ride away from Tokyo.  The climate is fairly warm, pleasant and moderate with heavy rainfall. Even during the driest months in Kawagoe, it rains a lot.

Kawagoe has all the amazing places and activities to keep tourists entertained. Kawagoe Festival happens every year on the third Saturday and Sunday of October. Generally the date varies. So October is a time for all the travel lovers to come and be part of this Kawagoe Festival. In 2005, the Kawagoe Festival was selected as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

The Bell of Time, or fondly known as “Toki no Kane” at the Kawagoe Warehouse District is an important landmark. After the Great Kawagoe Fire, the current structure dates back to 1894. Even till today, the bell continues to tell the time. It rings at 6am, 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm.

Okashiya Yokocho (the Candy Street) is also another place not to be missed. Here, you can experience the rush of excitement that you had during your childhood when you step into candy stores.

Kawagoe’s next big attraction is the Kitain Temple which is home to the remains of the former Edo Castle. For all the history and art lovers, Gohyaky Rakan Statues is the next stop. It has over 540 stone statues of the believers of Buddha. Each statue has its very own facial expression. Interesting part is, you might even find one that looks like you.

The Shinkashi River is one place not to be missed if you are a sakura (cherry blossom) lover! All in all, you might need to spend the whole day at Kawagoe if you would like to get the most out of your visit there. Consider getting a day pass for the loop bus, as certain destinations may not be too close. But the buses may be late, depending on the crowd. Visit Kawagoe and be surprised!



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