CITY GUIDE: Narita City (成田市)


Narita (成田市) is a city in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Narita is basically the area between Keisei Narita Station and the Narita-san Temple. Omotesando is the main road of central Narita which has over 150 small shops lined up.

Narita has a lot of beautiful places, but the major tourist attraction is the Naritasan. It is a well-known Buddhist temple which is over 1000 years old. Do remember to explore the Shinshoji temple at Naritasan, and enjoy a long walk in the Naritasan Park. The greenery surrounding the place adds peace to the location.

Naritasan Omotesando street, on the way to Narita-san temple, is full of old wooden buildings. It has wooden houses, shops, markets and even small restaurants. Tourists can buy beautiful souvenirs in a very reasonable prices. Senbei (せんべい) or rice cracker establishment is a fun place to visit. Here, tourists get to sample the Artisan rice crackers. These rice crackers are perfectly made and it’s a MUST try.

If you have more time and you love , do visit Inbanuma. A place where you get to see Pelicans, Tulips as well as a Windmill at the Sakura Furusato Square. Best time to visit this place is during the Tulip season in early April. You can even rent some traditional Netherland clothes for picture-taking.

Narita is a place where you can have a fun day exploring small shops and beautiful spots. Even when you’re in transit or taking a later flight out from Narita, you should consider spending about a few hours in this beautiful place.





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