CITY GUIDE: Sendai City (仙台市)


Sendai (仙台市) is the capital of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. It is not only the largest city in Tohoku region but, also the second largest city north of Tokyo. Sendai is also known as the City of Trees. There are over 60 trees on Jozenji Street (定禅寺通) and Aoba Street (青葉通).

Sendai hosts the largest Tanabata Festival in japan during summers. In winters, it welcomes the Pageant of Starlight, where the trees are decorated with thousand of light. The look of Sendai during winters is breath-taking.

Sendau City Museum stores historical artifacts related to the Date family and history of Sendai. The Miyagi Museum of Art is the largest museum in Sendai. It has over 24 sculptures, stored in the public location to cater its, City of Sculptures project.

Sendai is a beautiful place with so many breath-taking and mesmerizing sites.













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