CITY GUIDE: Yokohama City (横浜市)


Yokohama (横浜市), a fishing village until the Edo period, grew into a port and became the second largest city of Japan. The city boosts the largest Chinatown and the world’s tallest inland lighthouse, Yokohama Marine Tower.

Some essence of Yokohama’s progress can still be witnessed in Yamate and Motomachi areas where houses once resided by western merchants are preserved. Scenic sights in the Sankeien garden with numerous tea houses and Kyoto’s old Tomyoji Temple fulfill one’s wanderlust.
Among other attractions is the largest well-maintained zoo, Zoorasia where elephants, polar bears, black bears, okapi, proboscis monkeys and many other animals are kept.

However, a trip to Yokohama is never complete without going to Minato Mirai 21. The word “Minato” means port, while “Mirai” means the future. Minato Mirai 21 aims to be the Future Port of the 21st century. Minato Mirai’s district Shinko is a large man-made island where the famous Cosmo World Ferris Wheel is also located. You may choose to ride the Ferris Wheel during the day or night, because both would give you a different look and feel of the city.

Its modern town near the sea with several shopping sites like Queen’s Square and Landmark Plaza, hotels, theme parks, museums and places to relax like Manyu Club.




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