Attention Foodies – Here Are Few Clever Food hacks while in Japan!!

Tachigui Soba

A typical soba restaurant with a slight difference; the term Tachigui refers to a restaurant where you stand and eat. Soba is available here with all the different types of seasonings and flavors at a surprisingly cheap and affordable rate. From kakesoba (hot soba) to morisoba (cold soba) Tachigui has a lot to offer for around 300 yen and even less.

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One of the three biggest udon chains in Japan, these three offer almost all types of udon, hot and cold with your choice of seasonings and fresh ingredients. Affordable prices and the fresh udon, make it an appealing choice for tourists.

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All-you-can-eat Deals

For foodies and people who want to eat until they are completely full, Japan offers numerous affordable all you can eat restaurants and food chains where you can eat your heart out. The quality of food and hygiene is also guaranteed. The menus are a variety of Chinese, Japanese, Continental, Italian and other cuisines with a salad bar, many desserts and drinks. You can refer to your local tour guide or hotel concierge services for restaurant recommendations.

Japan all you can eat deals


Self Serve Udon Chains

There are numerous Udon restaurants in Japan, where you can order your choice of side dishes. Offering cheaper rates, these restaurants are where you get your money’s worth of food. Eat for less than 300 yen and leave with a satisfied tummy. Most renowned restaurants are Marugame Seimen and Hanamaru Udon.

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Conbini for your convenience

The biggest food hack are the convenience stores where you can buy cheap bento, cup noodles and other ready to eat food that just has to sit in a microwave and is ready for you to dig in. Bigger Convenience stores offer a larger variety of snacks and drinks that you can pack for mountain hikes or picnics or for a long day out. You can use travel guides to give you the location of the nearest convenience stores.

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Depachika Sampling corners

Large departmental stores have stalls and stores in their basement called Depachika where packaged and ready to eat food are sold. You can also try a free sample from each stall. Although if you like the taste, it is considered rude going back for another bite, it is better to buy the product then.

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Local Confectioners and Bakers

Japanese sweetbreads are adored by tourists so if you get a chance, do stop by any local bakery and we are sure the smell of freshly baked curry pan, melon pan or anpan is sure to tempt and delight you. These breads are cheap and taste great with tea or coffee.

japanese buns

Cook yourself

Many accommodations provide a small stove top or microwave. You can buy cheap local ingredients from convenience stores and enjoy your traditional home cuisine with Japanese ingredients and vegetables in the comforts of your room. You can also buy frozen ready to eat meals and use the microwave provided to cook them. For Muslims, many convenience stores offer Halal meat and seasonings which they can easily find on travel guides.

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