Famous Japanese Ghost Tales that will give you goose bumps!

Attention ghost busters, this blog is definitely going to send you packing and in no time you will be on the next flight to Japan. Since early days, Japan has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places on Earth. Japanese people have a lot of faith in the power of magic and healing and so they believe in ghosts called Yurei. They greatly revere them and tell stories about them to one another. In fact back in Edo period (1603-1858), telling stories of Yurei was a kind of festival called “Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai” in which 100 candles were lit and players and story tellers sat in a circle to tell these tales about ghosts extinguishing one candle as one story ended.
I would give anything to hear those stories, being a fan of the mystery and thriller genre whether books or movies. But long gone are the days of such festivals, now they are only limited to the memories of the older generation in Japan. If you visit a Japanese household do ask their grandmother or great grandmother to tell you stories about Yurei over supper or tea. Here are the ones I heard:

  • Oyuki’s Ghost

One of the most famous ghost stories of the Edo period is about Oyuki. It is said the Maruyama Okyo woke up from a fitful sleep one day and saw a pal beautiful and young lady who was dead. A painter has tried to paint the most accurate picture as per Okyo’s description.

Oyuki’s Ghost japan


  • The Ghost of Aizuwakamatsu

What would you do if you were sleeping with your partner and all of a sudden someone pulls your leg or tickles stomach or tries to strangle you? This happened with a Japanese couple who were disturbed by a lady ghost while they slumbered. Neither of the two knew her and had never even seen her. Who was she? Still remains a mystery.

Ghost of Aizuwakamatsu Japan

  • The Strong Ghost

A local woman in a Japanese village was famous for her unnatural strength and powers. The stories goes is that she died and after some time a ghost with similar attributes and powers starts to haunt and attack the villagers taking their sleeps away.

Grudge ghost japan

  • The legend of Hanako San

Do you know the bloody Mary tale from the west? Well this is the Japanese bloody Mary called Hanako San; a girl with bob cut wearing a red skirt, who has to be summoned. Students often try this trick in their school washrooms. The legend goes that you have to knock three times on the washroom door and ask Hanako are you there? If you get a reply, get ready to piss your pants.

hanako san japan

  • Teke-Teke

This is one of the creepiest tales in Japan. According to locals, a woman who was depressed due to some personal reasons died jumping in front of a fast train and her body was cut into half. People say if you are coming home late night, you hear her dragging her torso with her beastly hands making a sound like teke-teke and she chases you at a God speed.

teketeke japan