First ever Muslim Sumo Wrestler from the continent of Africa!

Have you ever heard of Sumo before?



Sumo is Japanese martial arts in which two people wearing mawashi (loincloth) face each other in a circular ring and try to force the opponent on the ground or push them out of the ring. Professional sumo has a long history and it has been broadcasted live on TV.Each trained wrestlers almost weigh 150 kg! Most sumo wrestlers were Japanese before, but recently more and more foreign wrestlers are increasing.One of them is Oosunaarashi who became famous as the first ever sumo wrestler from the continent of Africa!



Oosunaarashi (大砂嵐) real name, Abdelrahman Shalan is an Egyptian sumo wrestler who was qualified as a sekitori (ranking wrestler) 2 years ago.During Ramadan, he fasted and fought with the sumo wrestlers. Many Japanese people were amazed by his perseverance and greatly supported him. Because of this, a lot of Japanese people got to know about the concept of fasting in Ramadan!

Way to go Oosunaarashi!