FOOD GUIDE: Curry (カレー)

Curry (カレー) is not only the most popular dish in Japan, but a dish that’s known all over the world.  Curry in Japan is mostly served with three food types: Rice, Udon (Noodles) and bread. Curry served with rice is the comfort food of all Japanese.

Japanese curry is enriched with all Japanese flavors and spices. A large range of vegetables, meat and spices are used to make a Japanese curry. Most commonly used vegetables are onions, carrots and potatoes. A variety of meat are used in the protein section. Cutlets are also made and served with curry sauces.

Have you heard of the word “Kakushi Aji” (隠し味)?

Kakushi Aji basically means ‘hidden flavor’ or ‘hidden touch’, and it is referred to as the extra ingredient that one puts into the dish that they cook to make it more tasty. Some of the notable hidden ingredients include chocolate, apple, honey, soy sauce and many more. It is also said that every home serves a different tasting curry. Same probably applies to different restaurants. So, it is worth the try!

Curry, being the most famous and homely food in Japan is a must try for all tourists. It has all the Japanese flavors and varieties. For a vegan, it has vegetarian options and for someone who loves less spicy food, curry caters that option as well.

So when you’re in Japan, make sure to try curry at a few restaurants to sample the different tastes.