FOOD GUIDE: Dobin Mushi (土瓶蒸し)

Good things come in small packages holds true for Dobin Mushi (土瓶蒸し). It is a delicious soup served in a small teapot with bite-sized pieces of chicken, shrimp and Matsutake mushroom floating in it.

You can think of the Dobin Mushi dish as a display of the Japanese spirit, where they value the quality of product and presentation over quantity of food served.

This is the Japanese way to beat the chill, right from the presentation to the taste, everything about this dish is perfect. A single teapot which makes one serving is presented with a cup and saucer placed upside down on top of it.

All the ingredients are prepared separately at first. Later they are divided into small portions and added into different teapots containing dashi broth. Teapots are kept on flame until all the elements are cooked. This process yields the best flavor out of every ingredient. Once the soup is ready, consume the perfectly cooked solid bits from the broth first, and then relish the rich and warm soup!