FOOD GUIDE: Kamameshi (釜飯)

Kamameshi (釜飯)  is a rice based dish full of flavor and aroma from other ingredients that can be added to it. Prepared in a special cast iron pot called Kama, this is a complete meal for one person. Kamameshi is cooked and served in the same pot.

Unlike other rice dishes where rice may be cooked separately this one requires cooking it with soy sauce, dashi broth and mirin or sake to enhance its flavor. Later, fish or chicken with shitake mushrooms and other vegetables are added to the pot and cooked through the rich steam of water and sauces.

The rice usually gets a little burnt and sticks to the base of the pot but this is a deliberate attempt to enrich the overall flavor and complement the dish with a crisp texture of burnt rice. Different variations of Kamameshi can be prepared by substituting the type of meat and vegetables.