FOOD GUIDE: Kushiage (串揚げ)

Whenever you feel the urge rekindle your love for deep fried snacks in Japan, Kushiage (串揚げ) or Kushikatsu (串カツ) will definitely come to the rescue. Rumored to be originating mainly from Osaka, these skewered snacks are simply battered meat and vegetables fried on stick. What ingredients go into the making of this dish depend on their availability and the chef’s choice. The choices can vary from freshly caught seafood to a juicy chunk of beef and much more.

Every eatery has a pre-planned menu for the type of Kushiage they intend to serve. Just declare your preferences like a royalty to the chef and you shall be served the magnificent feast of your liking. Bamboo kushi (skewers) are used to pierce through bite sized pieces of meat and vegetables. After being dipped in egg and covered generously in “Panko” (bread crumbs) they are deep fried. The chef will remember your choice and present you with piping hot servings. Eat them straight away from the plate or dunk them in sauces provided for an extra punch to your taste buds.


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