FOOD GUIDE: Miso Soup (味噌汁)

Miso soup or Miso shiru (味噌汁) is a Japanese staple food which completes any meal during the day. Be it sushi or rice, a few sips from a bowl of Miso Soup are mandatory to set your mood right for a hearty Japanese meal.

For Miso Soup, the two key ingredients are the Dashi broth and the Miso paste. Miso paste comes from fermented soybean and sometimes barley, rice or other grains. Its color ranges from white to dark reddish or black. The color and flavor go darker and stronger as the period of fermentation increases. And Miso soup is well-known for its great health benefits.

A milder taste of yellow Miso makes it an ideal one for lighter soups. If you prefer a richer taste for soup, go for red Miso which has a deeper flavor. To prepare Miso Soup, Dashi broth is boiled and Miso paste is dissolved in it. A great tasting soup is then made even more delicious with addition of tofu, mushrooms and different vegetables. Combine your soup with fish or shrimp to make it more nutritious and enrich its taste.

By the way, did you know that the Japanese do not use spoon to drink Miso soup, but uses the chopsticks instead?

(Traditionally, Japanese meals are designed to be eaten with Chopsticks, hence it is no surprise why the Japanese drink soup with a chopstick)


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