FOOD GUIDE: Oden (おでん)

Oden is the ultimate Japanese winter delight. When the chilly winds blow, a steamy bowl of stew is what’s needed to keep you warm. Oden is a one pot dish that contains hard-boiled egg, Konjac, Daikon, Tofu and fishcake drenched in a light Dashi broth.

Daikon is white radishes that is slightly sweet in taste. Konjac is a salty jelly that comes from a plant of the same name. It adds not only to taste but its different texture is what makes Oden so special.

A fried fishcake fulfills the need of a seafood component that is the star of any Japanese dish. Oden is occasionally seasoned with Karashi, a rich paste of mustard seeds, to give an uplift to its taste. This protein loaded dish always tastes best a day after it is cooked as ingredients like Tofu and Daikon becomes softer after soaking in the broth for so long.