FOOD GUIDE: Suki-Yaki (すき焼き)

Sukiyaki (すき焼き) is a form of Nabe (one pot meal). Thin beef slices with some layers of fat are its main ingredient. Such finely cut pieces of beef almost dissolves on your tongue when cooked perfectly with a sweet sauce.

These heavenly sauce are created from a mixture of sugar, soy sauce, mirin or sake. Other ingredients like Udon noodles, Enoki mushrooms, Kikuna leaves and some vegetables like cabbage or onion add even more taste to Sukiyaki.

Usually Sukiyaki is served with raw eggs to soften its flavor. Although it’s admired all over Japan, its cooking method differs with regions. Kansai or east region cooks meat first and seasons it with sauce ingredients then adds remaining elements. Whereas in western or Kanto region a ready sauce called “Warishita” is cooked first in the pot then other ingredients are cooked together.

No matter which method is used, Sukiyaki is always a treat for palate.