FOOD GUIDE: Tempura (天ぷら, 天麩羅)


Tempura (天ぷら or 天麩羅) is a diverse dish which is fried with the meat, seafood or vegetable of the diner’s choice, covered in a special batter that makes it irresistible. After sushi, tempura is the most known Japanese food.

Tempura can be served in a variety of ways. Sometimes in the form of a rice bowl (called Ten-don, 天丼) or it could be served as a side dish with Udon or Soba. Besides that, it may also be served with different sauces.

Unlike the version of tempura that we have now, the original tempura was a seafood dish. Japanese generally use shrimp or white fish to prepare tempura. Vegetables are a common thing now, where onions, mushroom, carrots, sweet potatoes and more are used. Many food lovers enjoy a mix tempura, which has seafood and vegetables.

Tempura is not a usual fried dish. The hero of this dish is not the seafood, but the batter which makes it one of the top Japanese foods. It is made with beaten eggs, mixed well with flour and water. Different types of spices are added to enhance the flavor.

The unique thing about tempura is that the batter must have fluffy lumps. This adds a soft texture with the right amount of crisp. The batter should stay a little cold and to ensure that, so chefs would often place a bowl of ice under the batter bowl. Over-mixing might make the batter too soft, making the tempura not crispy.

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